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Food and Beverage

Weaver Manufacturing Company manufactures many items for commercial Food and Beverage operations. Like our other customized lines, Weaver Manufacturing’s food and beverage products are often built to meet the specific operational needs of our customers. We commonly encounter clients who find that “off-the-shelf” food and beverage items simply fall short of meeting their needs. In the food and beverage marketplace, customization is rare. Weaver Manufacturing offers a solution to this problem by working with our clients to build food and beverage items to exactly meet individual needs. Food and Beverage solutions that we have provided to our customer base include water pitchers, teapots, food slicers, front of house trollies, back of house trollies, buffet signage, condiment caddies, and more. When you are in need of trolley for your kitchen, a tabletop service item or signage for your dining areas, start with an existing design from our portfolio or send us your unique design requirements. The Weaver Manufacturing team is ready to help you develop the perfect solution for your needs!