Custom Design and Manufacturing

What We Do

We design, engineer and produce custom furniture and other equipment to meet our clients’ unique needs. We have particular expertise in the hospitality and cruise furniture industry where we manufacture for the toughest marine conditions for the cruise industry. (If we can manufacture for anti-corrosion, salt, rust, sun protection, color fading, ease of cleaning, quick drying, mold resistant and more – then we can design and manufacture for any situation. )

Whether you need a full A-Z installation for every aspect from furniture to amenities, or simply one particular item to solve a complex problem Weaver Manufacturing is there.

Our clients know us to be solution oriented. Beyond logistics, we want our products to work harder for you, last longer and exceed your customer’s expectations and satisfaction level.

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Outdoor furniture
Indoor furniture
Carts and trolleys

Cabinets and podiums
In-room amenities
Trash receptacles and ash urns

Food and beverage
Signage and miscellaneous

We are proud to have served these and other clients with custom manufactured furniture and equipment.