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Better Hospitality Through
Custom Manufactured  Solutions

Weaver Manufacturing Company provides design services, custom manufacturing, and operations consulting  for the cruise and hospitality industries. Whether you need furniture and amenities designed and installed, a discontinued piece of equipment replicated, or a particularly difficult operational  problem solved, leverage the expertise of our experienced team  to deliver an uncompromising solution. Each custom made product is designed in collaboration with your team to meet the challenges of your unique operation because no two operations are the same.  We have the engineering background to understand the harsh, corrosive environment at sea plus the know-how and experience to build highly durable FF&E that will meet the demands of your 24/7 operation.  We look forward to learning about your operational problems and working alongside your team to solve them.

Your Guests Remember Everything That Goes Wrong

In hospitality, every detail counts. No matter how good the overall experience is—guests will remember and rate you based on the problems that they experience, down to the worn furniture, broken fixtures, and inefficient services.
To provide an  amazing guest experience it’s not enough to  make sure everything simply works right. You have to make sure the furnishings and equipment you bring into your space match your brand’s aesthetic and fit in with the total guest experience you want to provide.

That level of excellence is impossible if you’re using equipment and solutions designed for someone else.

To Offer a Unique Hospitality
Experience, You Need Custom
Solutions and Custom

Since your  guest experience is only as good as your weakest link, you need to work with a partner who has the expertise and commitment to optimize every aspect of your service.
Whether you’re looking to design equipment that can withstand the tough conditions at sea, optimize material handling in different parts of your business, or create furniture that fulfills your hospitality vision, we have the expertise to deliver what you need.
So when you can’t afford to  compromise, partner with someone who takes the details as seriously as you do. Tell us the problem you need to solve and, together, we’ll find the solution that delivers the hospitality service your guests and crew deserve.

Truly Custom Manufacturing Is the Key to Unrivaled Hospitality

Truly Custom
Manufacturing Is the Key
Unrivaled Hospitality

Many  manufacturers work with hospitality providers—but they always do it on their own terms. Some won’t let you customize the products you need. Others won’t produce small-batch orders.
But not Weaver Manufacturing Company. Weaver works on your terms because custom manufacturing should mean just that: custom. If custom manufacturing is done on the supplier’s terms, it won’t put your needs—or your guest’s experience—front and center.  When your aim is to deliver a unique hospitality experience, you need the custom solutions and equipment only our uncompromising experts can deliver.
Weaver will do whatever it takes to make the product you want the way you want it. If you want a single-piece order today and thousands tomorrow, that’s no problem. If you have a problem you don’t know how to address, our experts will spend time on site until your problem is solved. If you want to iterate designs, Weaver’s design experts will help you optimize.


A Custom Manufacturing
Process Built Around
Your Needs

To  achieve custom hospitality solutions, work with a custom manufacturing expert who not only has the skills to deliver what you need—work with someone who will listen and collaborate with you every step of the way. We use a simple process that is designed to ensure your needs and goals are always front and center throughout the evolution of the solution. 


Tell us about your unique problems and goals.


Design & Prototype

Work with our experts in iterative design until we achieve the results you’re looking for.



Ask us to build a sample prior to production if you would like to approve the design .



Place your order for the quantity that you need.  We’ll communicate every step of the way about the order progress and schedule.



Work with our production team to arrange pickup of your product at our factory or use our logistics team to arrange delivery to your final destination.


Ongoing Partnership

Collaborate with us again as new problems or improvement opportunities arise within your operation.

Your Vision of Hospitality
Without the Compromises

Custom manufactured solutions will empower you to implement furniture, fixtures and equipment that work better, last longer, and improve your operational efficiency. . When you no longer have to worry about broken furniture, inefficient trollies and the burden of sourcing hard-to-find items, you have time to focus on what matters most – your guests and crew.  Like you, we want your guest’s experience to be unforgettably good and we want your crew to feel enabled and well equipped to perform their job.  We look forward to partnering with you to help you  realize your full hospitality vision and build a world class hospitality brand.  


“Weaver Manufacturing and team are outstanding to work with!   They have provided many options for items we use in operations, as part of our refits and new builds as well as custom solutions.   I highly recommend considering them for future purchases and projects.”
Vice President

Operational & Strategic Services

“Working with Weaver Manufacturing for many years I have always been most impressed and appreciative of the personal service, responsiveness and creativity of the Weaver team to come up with the most innovative responses to my business needs.  From concept discussions, to design briefs, and ultimate out of production, a seamless experience.”


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