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Weaver Manufacturing delivers customized, innovative designs and solutions to help you provide a first-class hospitality experience to all your guests.

Your Hospitality Challenges Solved

To deliver your unique vision of hospitality, you need unique hospitality solutions designed for you. That’s why Weaver Manufacturing doesn’t market standardized products or solutions. Instead, our expert team starts by understanding your particular operational challenges before modifying one of our existing designs or designing—from the ground up—what you need to provide the hospitality experience your guests deserve.


The History of Weaver

Since 1962 Weaver Manufacturing has provided high-quality custom manufactured furniture, fixtures, and equipment to the world’s most discerning hospitality brands. With the resources to deliver the largest and most complex custom solutions, Weaver Manufacturing can provide a personalized level of service and accountability that no one else in the industry can match.

The History of Weaver Manufacturing
Why Are You Still Compromising on Your Vision of Hospitality?

Why Are You Still
Compromising on
Your Vision of Hospitality?

To deliver an uncompromising and unique hospitality experience, you need to work with an expert supplier who is as uncompromising about the details as you are. Weaver Manufacturing will do whatever it takes to solve your operational challenges: design iteration, fast deliveries, and on-site logistics optimization. Our expert team can do it all and is never satisfied until your guests have the hospitality experience you want to give them.